About Adriana and Andrew

Adriana Royal

I have spent the past several years researching the phenomenology (the study of how things appear to consciousness) of embodiment and vulnerability. This research targeted the idea of understanding the self as an embodied subject engaged in, and vulnerable to, the world and other embodied subjects. I began incorporating meditation in the classroom with my undergraduate philosophy students in order to grasp a specific understanding of an embodied experience. Increasingly I became inspired by integrative medicines that put phenomenological research to practice. In order to apply my research, I have transitioned from being an academic to an integrative medicine practitioner.  I practice acupuncture, reiki and sound healing.

Andrew Royal

My job as a depth therapist is to create a secure, non-judgmental environment where I gently encourage the client to explore his or her emotional world by putting thoughts, feelings and actions into words. We collaborate in this work by discussing dreams, relationships, symptoms, longings, inhibitions, memories, regrets, etc. When I’m not working as a therapist, I’m also a sound healer,meditator, artist, and host of Milwaukee Social Dreaming.