What is a gong bath?

Gong meditation, or gong bathing is one form of sound healing.  As with any meditation practice, sound healing can be deeply relaxing, beneficial to those who suffer from stress or insomnia, and can increase vital energy. The vibrations affect you on a cellular level. Your circulation and endocrine system are stimulated through the vibrations, pushing out any stress, tension, or pain you may be holding in your body. On a spiritual level, the gong truly speaks for itself. It will bring up what needs to be brought up for you, the listener.

Adriana and Andrew channel the boundary between the here and the beyond with their Saturn Gong. Adriana is an acupuncturist. She holds two Masters Degrees in philosophy and has taught at Loyola University Chicago and Marquette University.  She also teaches mindfulness meditation and practices reiki. Andrew is a  professional counselor, psychotherapist, and student of depth psychology, as well as a musician, teacher, and artist.


Milwaukee Saturn Gong Baths


What’s special about our Saturn gong? Our gong channels the energies of Saturn. The gong is tuned to the frequency of Saturn at 147.85 Hz. This frequency is associated with understanding, concentration, and discipline. It is said to deepen one’s self awareness, teaches one structure and order, and shows karmic connections.*  In short, it has a unique and eerie sound. For some, this is a welcomed challenge, while others find it deeply intense and maybe uncomfortable.

Astrologically speaking, Saturn is the teacher, presenting the lessons we need to learn. If we don’t learn the lesson the first time, Saturn will show us the lesson again and again until we have learned it. Come listen to what it has to say to you!


Milwaukee Saturn Gong Baths

*The Cosmic Octave Tuning Forks by Hans Cousto


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